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Requirements, Obligations and Prohibitions for Climbing

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Requirements, Obligations and Prohibitions for Climbing
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Requirements Ascent:

  1. Climbers at least 17 years, or educated at the high school.
  2. Minimal ascent is 3 people, if less than three people asked to join the other climbers or use the services of a guide.
  3. Maximum limit of ascent is 2 days 1 night, if it exceeds the terms will be charged 2 times the ticket fare.
  4. Foreigners (tourists) who will climb Mount Merbabu obliged to use the services of guides and guides are required from the local community or a partner of the National Park of Mount Merbabu.
  5. Each group / organization that will conduct the mass ascent / DIKSAR should include proposals and take care of SIMAKSI.
  6. Each climber bulk / DIKSAR (minimum 20 people) recommended using local guides.

Each climber Required:

  1. Reports to authorized personnel before and after melakikan ascent.
  2. Wearing shoes, bring a jacket, raincoat, lighting equipment (flashlight), personal P3K, mask (when dry).
  3. Bring logistical.
  4. Bring at least 2 liters of water per person to climb one night, at least 3 liters per person on this for two days and one night climbing.
  5. Especially for hikers who stay are required to carry a tent, mattress, sleeping bag and cooking utensils.
  6. Bringing back down and dumped trash in places that have been determined. For hikers who do not carry rubbish down back then the identity card can not be retrieved or penalized.
  7. Walking and climbing up tents on a predetermined path.

Each climber is prohibited:

  1. Entering the area and make the climb without permission (without buy entrance tickets, tickets and ticket insurance activities).
  2. Walking outside the corridor, making new pathways and or make a shortcut.
  3. Damaging, felling trees and moving objects that exist in the National Park of Mount Merbabu.
  4. Take, move and carry / transport of plants and wildlife either whole or in part from within and outside the region Nasionla Merbabu Park.
  5. Disposing of cigarette butts, a fire of wood to cook or make a campfire along the hiking trail.
  6. Carry tools or materials that can pollute the region (musical instrument, firecrackers, soap, toothpaste, cet, markers, Tipe-X, pilok & tools or materials like).
  7. Damaging and moving the existing facilities in the area, vandalism or graffiti and pasting the text / image.
  8. Bringing alcoholic beverages, drugs, and weapons (except for camping activities).

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